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Enzyme-based detergents are a natural and highly effective solution for both everyday cleaning and industrial applications. We are convinced that enzyme detergents can achieve better results than the chemical ones, while protecting ourselves and those around us.

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Why enzymes?

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are natural molecules of protein origin, with a key role in the decomposition of organic matter. They are naturally produced by any living organism, plant, or microorganism. Enzymatic detergents are based on these natural and effective elements, harvested mainly from Champignon mushrooms.

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Why are enzyme
detergents more effective?

When cleaning agents (chemicals) in ordinary detergents come into contact with dirt, a chemical reaction is formed resulting in new substances (reaction products).

Reaction products do not have the role of cleaning and form a barrier between the detergent and dirt. By rubbing, this “barrier” is being removed. Enzymes do not create reaction products, thus continuously acting directly on dirt. No friction, naturally.

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